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Bancshares Holdings offers savings accounts to help you reach your financial goals. You can choose a money market account for yourself or open one for your children. Accessing and growing your funds is easy with us. All savings accounts come with free online banking, including bill pay, eStatements, and mobile banking with check deposit.




You can open a Platinum Savings account with just $50. This account gives you good interest rates, and you can easily access your money whenever you need it. There are no rules about how much money you need to keep in the account, and you won’t need to pay any fees each month.

Account Features
  • Minimum Opening Deposit: $50
  • Minimum Balance Requirement: None
  • Six FREE Monthly Withdrawals*
  • Competitively Tiered Rate Structure
  • Optional ATM Card

If you take out money from your account more than 6 times in a month, we will charge you a $5 fee for each extra withdrawal. Limited activities that count towards this limit include transferring money over the phone, computer, ACH, wire transfer, or any pre-approved automatic transfers.

Our Super Money Market Account gives you a good interest rate, allows you to easily withdraw your money, and free online banking. This account is easy to use and helps you manage your daily finances easily.

Account Features
  • Minimum Opening Deposit: $15,000
  • Minimum Balance Requirement: $15,000 Daily Ledger Balance
  • No Monthly Fee for Account Balances of $15,000*
  • Six FREE Monthly Withdrawals*

If you take out money from your account more than 6 times in a month, you’ll be charged $15 each time. The types of transfers that count towards this limit are phone, online, automatic, and wire transfers. Additionally, if you don’t keep a certain amount of money in your account, you’ll be charged a monthly fee of $10.

A Certificate of Deposit’ is a simple way to save money for your future goals. You can choose to save for 3 months up to 5 years, and earn interest. The interest can be paid to you every month, every 3 months, every 6 months, every year or at the end of the time period. The interest can be put automatically into your account or given to you personally. To make things easier and to make sure your money is protected, you can choose the Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service, which means all your savings certificates will be managed by one bank and you’ll only receive one statement.

If you’re thinking about retiring someday, you can invest in a Bancshares Holdings Individual Retirement Account (IRA). You can choose either a Traditional or Roth IRA and earn a good interest rate on your investment. There may also be extra tax advantages that come with it.

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